International Landcare

International Landcare principles

International interest in Landcare is best served by showing people Landcare and assisting them to interpret the principles of Landcare in their own contexts, rather than by trying to anticipate or second guess local conditions and market a discrete product. The principles of Landcare will travel well but not necessarily the practice. These principles are based on lessons learned through Landcare experiences, which teach us that lasting solutions to environmental problems are most likely to evolve where:

  • Solutions are developed with full involvement of those expected to implement them;
  • Conservation and production aspects are considered together;
  • All relevant stakeholders (not just those who agree with each other) have an acknowledged seat at the table and an equal opportunity to contribute;
  • Local communities have a fair degree of ownership of both problems and solutions;
  • Constructive partnerships/balance are fostered between: scientists and non-scientists; government and non-government; ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ approaches; urban and rural; and between young people and adults;
  • Problems are examined and solutions developed at a scale relevant to the issue at hand;
  • The cost of any environmental and community investment is equitably shared among the beneficiaries of that investment.