International delegates to attend National Landcare Conference

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27 August 2012


International Landcare delegates to attend Sydney Landcare Conference

Emerging Landcare leaders from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia will attend the Sydney Landcare Conference, 3 – 5 September 2012.

AusAID’s International Seminar Support Scheme (ISSS) and the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry have announced they will support the attendance of thirteen delegates from the four countries.  Australia’s Secretariat for International Landcare (SILC) will assist in coordinating the visits.

The delegates will visit Australia for 6 days and after the Landcare Conference will inspect Landcare sites around Sydney, speak to Landcare farmers and meet with Landcare leaders.  They will also visit a range of NSW farms and agribusiness centres.

The conference theme for 2012 is ‘Landcare – the future in our hands’. With a growing interest in and concern for sustainable living and food security, the Landcare community is at the forefront of helping to ensure that Australia, and the world, can move confidently towards a smart and resilient agricultural and environmental future. The conference will be held during Landcare Week, in association with the biennial National Landcare Awards.

Landcare, which started in Australia in 1986, has been successfully mobilising volunteers to look after land, water and environmental assets for over 25 years.

In 1997 SILC Directors Sue Marriott, Victoria Mack and Mary Johnson were involved in organising a pioneering study tour of Australia by 13 South African delegates.  Those delegates returned to South Africa and within two years had started the South African National Landcare program which continues successfully today.

Since 1997 SILC has been actively supporting international interest in Landcare across the world, including Sri Lanka and Indonesia since 2009.

Today Landcare has been adopted and adapted in over fifteen countries.  Landcare is a highly cost effective program, grounded on volunteers, which helps rural communities achieve their agricultural and environmental goals.  In many countries, these goals are linked to economic and social needs including food and water security, community health, education including knowledge about climate change, and securing livelihoods.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia each have emerging Landcare programs and Pakistan has been doing substantial Landcare work but not under a Landcare banner.  All want to learn more about how Landcare can help improve livelihoods and environmental sustainability in their countries.

Recent interest from Bangladesh and Pakistan now affords the opportunity to establish a South and South East Asian Landcare Network to increase inter-country dialogue and support and raise awareness at government levels.

Australia can be justly proud of the contribution that Landcare is making around the world.


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