SILC Services

The Secretariat for International Landcare (SILC) Inc. is an Australian non-profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia.SILC develops and manages programs designed to show visitors from overseas countries to the Australian Landcare experience. We generate opportunities for constructive and informed interaction between the most relevant elements of the Landcare movement and international visitors, according to the their needs. SILC promotes and provides:

  • Awareness of the critical need for better resource management;
  • Extension services with access to the best people, the latest research and the most current technology;
  • The framework and training to promote adoption of progressive systems and the development of long-term strategies;
  • Links with other groups and countries working towards the same essential outcomes.

By linking global networks with a focus on support and training, SILC works towards offering constructive, practical, people centred approaches to environmental issues. Participating nations gain:

  • A professional ‘gateway’ to Landcare in Australia which provides an approach tailored to the needs of that country, and draws on Landcare experience and contacts throughout Australia;
  • A broad spectrum of geographic and climatic zones affording demonstration sites to match the needs of visiting delegates;
  • Knowledge of capacity building strategies, and partnerships between community, government, industry and non-government organisations.

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